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Latest version 1.05 19 Feb. 2024

What is it?

Microsoft has introduced a Unified Inbox, or "Combined Inbox," for all versions of Outlook except the native Windows Outlook. While the Unified Inbox is accessible on Android, iOS, and even the MacOS version of Outlook, it remains notably absent from Microsoft's flagship Windows platform.

Numerous online tutorials offer ways to create a makeshift unified inbox using search folders or macros, or a combination of both. However, these methods often prove to be too complex and cumbersome for the average user to set up and utilize effectively.

Recognizing this challenge, we have taken these instructions and transformed them into an easily installable and user-friendly Outlook Add-in. This Add-in empowers even those who may not be tech-savvy to effortlessly set up and enjoy the benefits of a Unified Inbox in their Outlook experience.

How Does it Work?

The Unified Inbox for Outlook seamlessly integrates into the Outlook ribbon interface, conveniently adding a button to the 'Home' group. When you click this button (1), it initiates a search across all your inboxes for emails for the the number of days specified (2) and presents the results in a unified list (3). It's that straightforward!

The initial version came with a streamlined approach, offering no customizable options. Resent versions have added options for specifying the number of days of email you want to see in you Unified Inbox and the date format to be used in search. Unified Inbox does it's best do guess the correct date format, but it does not work in some cases and user needs to help it out a bit. We recommend to limit the number of days for search to ensure a responsive user experience, especially for those with large inboxes, where unrestricted searches could be notably sluggish.

Please note the following!

  • Works only with "Classic Outlook" and does not work with "New Outlook"
  • This is early version of the add-in. We would greatly appreciate it if you could inform us of any issues you encounter when using it. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us enhance our product.
  • You should be able to install and run our Add-in on Windows even without administrative rights.
  • Unified Inbox for Outlook relies on Windows and Outlook search. If you encounter issues, follow these steps to ensure proper indexing:
    • Check the Indexing Status. If large number of items are still being indexed (eg. you just added large mailbox account to Outlook) then let the system finish indexing and after that try Unified Inbox again.
    • If necessary, recreate the index to resolve any issues.

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